Welcome to the Unrendered Wiki!Edit

Welcome to the Unrendered Wiki! This wiki serves as an online guide for the upcoming objective Minecraft Server. The server is a work in progress so we ask all visitors to kindly bear with us as we improve the wiki and get one step closer to establishing our own successful minecraft server community.

Server NewsEdit

We are currently in Alpha and are working on finalizing our World Map for further development.

Server EventsEdit

No events are currently scheduled for the Server.


  • Story-lines—The player-driven Story-Lines the Server follows, old and new.
  • Characters—Our Heroes, Villains, random NPC's and people mentioned off hand in books.
  • Factions—The different groups, admin or user created, on the server.
  • Locations—The many places you will visit in Unrendered.
  • Subplots—Minor plots that happen simultaneously to the main story.
  • Classes—The Heroes classes you can play as.
  • Professions—The crafting Professions you can select.
  • Item Crafting—Information on the crafting recipes for the different professions.
  • Plugins—The plugins used by the server.

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